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Valley Federal Credit Union

  • creditscore

    Credit is one of the most important components in the world of finance. High credit scores help people receive loans for major purchases such as homes or cars. They also let your financial institution see that you’re responsible with your […]

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  • enewsletter

    Valley Federal Credit Union is proud to announce that our newsletter will soon be going electronic. In recent years, many large companies have chosen to “go green”. This basically means ridding paper as a method of communication to clients. This […]

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  • April is Financial Literacy month and credit unions across the nation are doing their part to shed light on the importance of financial education amongst young adults. Money management skills are somewhat lacking in this group despite attempts to improve […]

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  • boat-loan

    Summer is the best time to invest in a boat, but finding a way to finance that investment can be difficult.

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Valley Federal Credit Union

The Valley Federal Credit Union has been in the Valley for over 76 years, with our 500 Stripes locations throughout Texas for your convenience. Through all our years in the Valley we have built, HONESTY, TRUST AND STABILITY.

Along with our main office in Brownsville, we have offices in Harlingen, Los Fresnos (Falcon Branch), and our newest location, Raymondville Texas. For more information on how you can join VFCU, please visit us at any of our locations or call our main office in Brownsville (956) 546-3108.

Community support

At VFCU we know that the future of the Valley depends on our youth. That is one of the reasons why we encourage our youth to stay in school and take interest in education and financial matters. The Los Fresnos High School branch is the first student-run branch. Our programs such as the Stock Market Game, motivates students to take leadership roles encourage them interest in financial matters such as buying and selling stocks and be goal oriented. We also encourage our graduating students to take leader positions at out multiple branches.

For more information on how you can join the VFCU visit us at any of our locations or call our main office in Brownsville, 956-546-3108.