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UChoose Rewards

VFCU is glad to offer our customers a rewards program that lands you awesome rewards just for using your VFCU debit card. With our Uchoose Rewards® program, you can earn points from purchases made you make and redeem them to purchase a wide variety of merchandise from our online rewards catalog. Signing up for Uchoose Rewards® only takes a few minutes and the program has never been easier to use. After signing up, there are only three simple steps needed to earn your rewards.

Shop – Shop anywhere you normally would with your VFCU debit card and earn points per dollar or shop at participating UChoose Rewards® retailers and earn even more points.

Earn Points – Earning points is as simple as using your VFCU debit card for qualifying purchases at any retailer or you can increase your points by shopping at any of the UChoose Rewards® retail locations listed in your welcome packet.

Enjoy Your Reward – Once your reward points add up, redeem them by choosing from a wide range of products ranging from clothing to airline tickets in our online rewards catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UChoose Rewards®?

Uchoose Rewards® is a rewards program that offers users points for using their Valley Federal Credit Union Visa Debit Cards. After making purchases, uses can earn reward points and redeem them to obtain any item from our massive online rewards catalog.

How do I earn points?

Users can earn points by using their VFCU debit cards on any of the qualifying transactions outlined in the welcome materials sent to you after signing up for the program. Shoppers can earn points at any retailer that accepts your VFCU debit cards or you can earn bonus points by shopping at any of the UChoose Rewards® retailers listen in your welcome materials.

Where can I earn points?

Points can be earned anywhere your Valley Federal Credit Union Visa debit card is accepted.

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For more information about our UChoose Rewards® program, contact VFCU today at 956.546.3108.