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Finding your New Recreational Vehicle is Easy with our Brownsville Credit Union

Where are you exploring this summer? Your family deserves to travel for summer break, and recreational vehicles (RV) funded through our Brownsville credit union can up the fun! RVs can include everything from RV trailers, campers, motorcycles, and even boats. Finding and affording an RV is easy when working with our Brownsville credit union. Choosing... read more

Get the Best Deal on Your Car with Your Local Federal Credit Union

Shopping for a good deal on a vehicle may seem impossible in 2023 for several reasons: There is a limited supply of 2023 make and models. Prices at the dealership continue to skyrocket. Many people are preordering their favorite models. Buyers are becoming desperate to find a reasonably priced car. They are willing to compromise... read more

5 Ways we Help Borrowers with Auto Loans with VFCU

Need financing for your vehicle? Consider applying for our new and used auto loans with only the best interest rates available to you! Auto loans with VFCU provide financing for new and used auto vehicles with only the best interest rates and terms. Applying for auto loans is simple and easy, and when you apply... read more

Thank you For Banking at Our Local Federal Credit Union

This month is National Credit Union Month, and we want to say thank you for banking at our local federal credit union! Financial security is important, and we strive to ensure our VFCU Members get access to the most affordable financial services in Harlingen. What exactly is the difference between our local federal credit union... read more

5 Auto Loan Lending Tips from our Harlingen Credit Union

When it comes to finding the right financing for your car, it's best to do your research, learn all the best auto loan lending tips, and check out all the available deals.  Our Harlingen credit union provides the best services in financing and other money-lending services such as loans and deposits. An example of the... read more

5 Benefits of Joining our Credit Union Harlingen Branch

There are a few advantages to working with a credit union instead of a bank. Our credit union Harlingen branch provides a safe and easy way to save money and borrow all in one easy place. Compared to Harlingen banks, our local federal credit union offers similar financial benefits, plus exception borrowing rates. Our local... read more

6 Reasons You Should Finance with VFCU Instead of Harlingen Banks

The significant difference between Harlingen banks and credit unions may not seem that different, but it is important for someone needing financing fast. Credit unions are more focused on their members' financial needs than Harlingen bank. There is no exception when you finance with VFCU. Our Main services include: Lending loans in Harlingen Investment opportunities ... read more

4 Tips for Tax Season from Your Local Federal Credit Union

The new year is here, so tax season is just around the corner! Before even starting to file for your tax return, following these local federal credit union tax season checklists is best to ensure you have the correct information and tools to help file your tax return with ease! You'll soon discover how much... read more

5 Tips to Save Money for a Successful Financial Year

What are you saving for this year? A dream trip, new home, or plush retirement savings? Or you may want to commit to paying off large amounts of debt. Building financial habits now are imperative. Still, you don't have to open other savings account through Harlingen banks, go through our local federal credit union, and... read more