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Federal Credit Union vs. Banks Harlingen: Key Differences and Advantages

Managing your finances can be challenging, especially when deciding where to keep your hard-earned money safe. Luckily, you don’t have to look far! Exploring your options may seem overwhelming, but Valley Federal Credit Union (VFCU) makes it easier. Discover the key differences between credit unions and banks Harlingen, and see which one is better suited... read more

Bank Harlingen: 7 Summer Budget-Friendly Tips from Your Credit Union

We understand the importance of making the most of your summer while staying financially savvy when you bank Harlingen. That’s why we’ve put together these seven budget-friendly tips to help you have an amazing summer without stressing over your wallet. Check out what our local federal credit union, Harlingen branch had to say! Start with... read more

5 Affordable Loan Options Available at our Credit Union Harlingen

When it comes to securing affordable loans with competitive rates, Valley Federal Credit Union Harlingen stands out as a top choice. Unlike traditional banks, credit unions are member-owned institutions that prioritize the financial well-being of their members. This focus allows them to offer a variety of loan products with favorable terms and rates. Here, we... read more

Use Zelle During Summer Vacation with our Harlingen Credit Union

Zelle is the next best thing at our Harlingen credit union! Partnered with VFCU (Valley Federal Credit Union) you can now experience a new type of banking with just the click or call away! Check out Zelle and the amazing features within the banking app, and make your transactions much easier for any kind of... read more

Fostering Smart Money Habits with our Brownsville Credit Union

Summer is here, and what better way to spend some time with your family then to give an opportunity to teach your kids on financial literacy with our Brownsville Credit Union! Use these simple tips and tricks to help teach your kids on finances and how to manage money more wisely! Its never too early... read more

Personal Loans Harlingen: Improve Your Home our Credit Union

Don't let the season slip by without seizing the opportunity to enhance your home with a personal loans Harlingen this summer. With summer just around the corner, it's the ideal time to embark on those long-awaited home improvement projects. Valley Federal Credit Union (VFCU) is here to support your vision of a refreshed and revitalized... read more

Cruise in your Motorcycle from our Credit Union – Loans Harlingen

With summer fast approaching, it's time to gear up for adventure on the open road! Don't let financial concerns break your plans—explore VFCU's flexible auto and motorcycle loans Harlingen designed to make your summer rides a breeze! Whether you're dreaming of cruising down scenic highways on a motorcycle or embarking on family camping trips in... read more

Credit Union Harlingen: VFCU Tips For Preventing Fraud and Identity Theft

Thanks to Valley Federal Credit Union Credit Union Harlingen, finding ways to stay safe while using your finances is easy and quick. Prevent fraud and identity theft by following these tips and tricks! What exactly is identity theft? It's when someone uses your data to pose as yourself or steal from you. These types of... read more

Harlingen Credit Union: Dive into Retirement Planning

In this blog, our Harlingen Credit Union explores how VFCU's IRA Certificates can provide you with a stable and reliable investment opportunity to help you build a brighter future. Let's delve into the benefits and features of VFCU's IRA Certificate offerings and how they can complement your retirement savings strategy. What is an IRA? An... read more