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4 Common Types of Fraud That You Should Always Protect Yourself Against

If you have been following news reports the past few days, you have likely heard about the ongoing Russia/Ukraine conflict. You may have also heard about possible financial cyber scams coming from Russia. Rest assured, VFCU's online banking software is secure and is our top priority. As always, we are paying close attention and are... read more

Last Chance to Apply for a Loyalty Loan from our Harlingen Credit Union!

Do you need a way to recover from your holiday expenses in 2021? Start the new year right with a Loyalty Loan from our credit union in Harlingen! They are still available until January 31, 2022! At our local federal credit union, we help our members manage their finances and offer loans at lower rates... read more

Debunking 3 Personal Loan Myths from our Harlingen Credit Union

It helps to have additional finances during the holidays to make ends meet. If you need money but aren’t sure where to get it, then a commercial Harlingen bank may sound appealing. However, they usually offer unfixed interest rates. Our credit union in Harlingen provides financing for credit cards, auto loans, secured loans, and personal... read more

2 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score During the Holidays at Our Credit Union in Harlingen

As the year comes to a close and holiday shopping begins, it’s time to reflect on your finances. Some people may want to remove their debt, manage their budget, or improve their credit score. A credit score typically ranges between 300 and 850, and the higher the number, the better. Credit scores may seem like a... read more

2 Ways to Lower Your Holiday Expenses from our Brownsville Credit Union

Have you started your holiday shopping already? Now it’s easier than ever to make purchases online, at a store, with curbside delivery, etc. However, the costs of holiday expenses for festive meals, parties, and presents can add up. Our credit union in Brownsville wants to suggest a few ways to keep your finances low. We... read more

3 Steps to Help You Avoid Identity Theft While Traveling This Holiday Season

Now that state and federal regulations regarding COVID-19 are lenient, many families are sure to travel during the holidays. While this can be exciting for everyone, one area of concern some people may not focus on is how to protect their personal information. Families risk having their identities stolen when they travel with social security... read more

2 Services to Help You Afford the Holiday Season at our Brownsville Credit Union

Do you owe money to several creditors and loan providers? Paying off multiple debts is enough of a struggle without paying for additional holiday expenses. If you are ready for a financial change, then consider using a Consolidation Loan and Holiday Skip-a-Payment this holiday season! These two services can help you afford expenses including, traveling... read more