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Afford the Holidays With a Holiday Loan From our Credit Union in Harlingen

The holiday season is here, and you can expect to celebrate with your loved ones again soon! If you need the funds to afford to host a football watch party, Thanksgiving feast, or even Christmas presents, then you need a Holiday Loan! Our credit union in Harlingen offers holiday loans at more affordable rates than... read more

3 Tips to Build Your Savings at our Credit Union in Harlingen

Previously, we mentioned the importance of opening a savings account. This account is beneficial if you want to save for your future goals, such as getting a new car or enjoying a comfortable retirement. However, when life throws us curveballs, we may need to dip into our savings account from time to time. This can... read more

Avoid Costly Interest Rates with an Affordable Loan from Our Brownsville Credit Union

Did you know there are fewer cars available at dealerships right now due to a microchip shortage? These microchips, known as semiconductors, are required in every vehicle. With fewer vehicles, car dealerships have raised prices to recuperate their losses. Fortunately, you don't have to accept a high interest rate from a dealership. You can apply... read more

Two Tips from Our Brownsville Credit Union on Spotting Online Loan Scammers

When you’re in desperate need of cash, it’s easy to accept an offer from a lender you found online. However, there are many online loan scammers that should be avoided at all costs. Some promise you a personal loan in exchange for a small fee, while others ask for a social security number or banking... read more

4 Tips to Manage Your Finances with Our Harlingen Credit Union

If you don't have a financial plan for the rest of 2021 and going into 2022, then you’re missing out! Expenses can come up for school, holidays, and emergencies. Instead of scrounging up the cash to pay for them, you can make some smart decisions now to be more financially secure. Here’s your homework: follow... read more

Start the School Year Right with a Holiday Loan from Our Credit Union in Harlingen

Are you ready for the new school year? If you need school supplies for your kids or yourself, then it helps to have extra cash around! Valley Federal Credit Union in Harlingen now offers holiday loans that can help you get through the school year. Here’s what you need to know. How the Holiday Loan Helps... read more

2 Ways That Consolidation Loans from Our Harlingen Credit Union Can Help You

Are you struggling to manage your loan payments? If so, it might be time for a consolidation loan at our Harlingen credit union. Many borrowers desperate for cash will accept a loan without calculating interest. Doing so can cost thousands of dollars. If this is your situation, then consider loan consolidation. Learn more about how... read more

Now is the Time to Find Your Dream Car with the Help of Our Brownsville Credit Union!

Have you had a difficult time shopping for a vehicle? Fielding overbearing salesman, choosing the right car, and negotiating prices can be overwhelming. Fortunately, financing your vehicle doesn’t have to be a struggle. Get the financing you need easily by applying online with our Brownsville credit union! Check out these tips to help make your car... read more

Hurricane Season: A Few Financial Tips to Keep in Mind During this Period

In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of prepping for hurricane season. Although there are basic steps you can take to ensure your family’s safety, you also need to be financially prepared. Our credit union in Brownsville wants to share a few tips to help you out. Create a Financial Emergency Kit A financial emergency kit should include essential items... read more

Make Summer Easier on Your Finances by Skipping a Payment, Opening an Account, and Applying for a Loan!

Unlike many Harlingen banks out there, we offer services that benefit our members first and help save them cash for certain expenses like new vehicles and summer vacations. Make sure your summer finances are secure by taking advantage of three services from our Harlingen credit union that are sure to make things much easier on your wallet!... read more