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4 Benefits of Using Zelle at our Local Federal Credit Union

Whether online shopping or stepping into the store, there are many ways to pay! Mobile banking makes it easier than ever. One mobile banking service to take advantage of is Zelle. With Valley Federal Credit Union (VFCU), you can gain access to Zelle with your membership account and enjoy spending safely. We explain how. What... read more

7 Budgeting Tips for the Holiday Season Valley Federal Credit Union in Brownsville

With the holidays just around the corner, there are many budget concerns to look out for with our federal credit union in Brownsville.  Planning ahead can benefit your shopping and keep you happy and stress-free! This begs the question that comes to mind: what are you doing to save for this holiday season? In addition,... read more

4 Popular Services From the Leading Credit Union in Harlingen

Managing your money can be stressful, especially when trying to decide what accounts are important to open. So which is better, credit unions or Harlingen banks? VFCU is the best credit union Harlingen has to offer, and we want to share a few services that will help your finances grow. Become a Member with VFCU... read more