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2 Ways to Lower Holiday Expenses from our Brownsville Credit Union

Have you started your holiday shopping? Now it’s easier than ever to make purchases online, at a store, with curbside delivery, etc. However, the costs of holiday expenses for festive meals, parties, and presents can add up. Our credit union in Brownsville wants to suggest a few ways to keep your finances low. We recommend... read more

How to Maximize Your VFCU Membership Benefits on Vacation

Need help budgeting for the rest of the season? Read how you can improve your financial situation below. At Valley Federal Credit Union (VFCU), we are dedicated to providing the best lending services that best fit your financial needs! One way of doing so is by creating the best in customer services and membership benefits... read more

4 Affordable Loans from our Local Federal Credit Union

Are you planning any big life changes this year? Summer is an opportune time for taking summer trips, purchasing a car, or finally upgrading your home appliances. If  you want to find different ways to get funding quickly, contact us to apply for affordable loans from our local federal credit union in Harlingen. Read about... read more

Finding your New Recreational Vehicle is Easy with our Brownsville Credit Union

Where are you exploring this summer? Your family deserves to travel for summer break, and recreational vehicles (RV) funded through our Brownsville credit union can up the fun! RVs can include everything from RV trailers, campers, motorcycles, and even boats. Finding and affording an RV is easy when working with our Brownsville credit union. Choosing... read more

Thank you For Banking at Our Local Federal Credit Union

This month is National Credit Union Month, and we want to say thank you for banking at our local federal credit union! Financial security is important, and we strive to ensure our VFCU Members get access to the most affordable financial services in Harlingen. What exactly is the difference between our local federal credit union... read more

Zelle Improves Your Mobile Banking Experience at our Brownsville Credit Union

VFCU, our Brownsville Credit Union, has made managing your finances easier and easier by going digital, and providing services for your convenience. One way is using Zelle®. It is an alternative way to send money to friends, family, and possibly businesses and places you trust. How do I Send Money With Zelle®? Within this digital... read more

4 Retirement FAQs for Credit Unions vs. Banks Brownsville

These days, it seems as if more and more Americans are retiring at later ages. It isn’t uncommon to see men and women in their late 60s still heading for work, unsure of when they’ll decide to make that jump into retirement. It’s understandable considering the economic climate we’re currently in, but planning for retirement... read more

Your Financial Spring-Cleaning Checklist from our Harlingen Credit Union

Saving money and leaving the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck is difficult. From one expense after another, making ends meet can seem near impossible. Lessen the financial burden by following our spring-cleaning checklist. Local Federal Credit Union Brownsville Checklist Before taking any action, ask yourself two essential questions, “How can I save more in my current... read more