4 Affordable Loans from our Local Federal Credit Union

4 Affordable Loans from our Local Federal Credit Union

Are you planning any big life changes this year? Summer is an opportune time for taking summer trips, purchasing a car, or finally upgrading your home appliances. If  you want to find different ways to get funding quickly, contact us to apply for affordable loans from our local federal credit union in Harlingen. Read about a few services you can apply to online right now.

Affordable Loans from Our Local Federal Credit Union

Before considering applying for loans, it’s best to do some research on loans and check out the lender’s rates as well as other services that are being provided. You should also be aware of who you are financing with, at our local federal credit union you can expect:

  • Both top-quality lending and banking services.
  • Opportunities for long term investment including IRAs and Roth Iras.
  • Not-for-profit institution with competitive rates to other Harlingen Banks.

Signature/Personal Loans

Signature loans are just one of the loans that can be used instead of your paycheck for holidays, and vacations. Apply online and prep for a call back from a loan officer. Before applying, please note:

  • Up to 100% Financing is available!
  • Loan amounts vary based on household income and or credit score.
  • Current rates range from up to 48 months as low as 11.20% or up to 60 months as low as 12.20%. 

Loyalty Loans at our Local Federal Credit Union

Loyalty loans are a quick and easy solution for additional funding. With our local federal credit union, apply for a loyalty loan for:

  • No fear on a credit check upon application. 
  • Up to $1,500 in financing at 18% APR with a 12 month repayment period. 
  • Any member who has been employed for at least a year and has a direct deposit.

Please not there is a $30 processing fee before receiving the approved loan amount.

Consolidation Loans

If you are struggling with your current finances and need money to help pay off your debt, then consolidation loans may be right for you! Consolidation loans are a way to help pay off other pending loan providers. Please note, when you borrow a consolidation loan:

    There is no specific minimum amount is required to pay.

    You must show proof of income during the application process.

    You must provide statements of current loan providers or creditors’ accounts.

Financial Advising with VFCU!

Worry less about your finances and take advantage of our services and member benefits.VFCU services are also being provided to non-members, but all you’ll need is to give some information and every banking benefit could be available. 

Need Help With Your Finances? Start with our Local Federal Credit Union 

Apply for affordable loans from our local federal credit union in Brownsville. If you have any questions regarding your loan, please call (956) 546-3108, or message us online.

*Rates are subject to change without notice

**Certain restrictions apply. 

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