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6 Credit Union FAQS from VFCU

Why choose VFCU? We do our best to serve our community and provide the best finances available to you! The advantages of borrowing with credit unions are: Gaining lower interest rates on loans and credit cards. A credit union gives you ownership by providing financial benefits and earning bonus dividends. Credit unions give people with lower credit... read more

4 Affordable Loans from our Local Federal Credit Union

Are you planning any big life changes this year? Summer is an opportune time for taking summer trips, purchasing a car, or finally upgrading your home appliances. If  you want to find different ways to get funding quickly, contact us to apply for affordable loans from our local federal credit union in Harlingen. Read about... read more

5 Auto Loan Lending Tips from our Harlingen Credit Union

When it comes to finding the right financing for your car, it's best to do your research, learn all the best auto loan lending tips, and check out all the available deals.  Our Harlingen credit union provides the best services in financing and other money-lending services such as loans and deposits. An example of the... read more

6 Reasons You Should Finance with VFCU Instead of Harlingen Banks

The significant difference between Harlingen banks and credit unions may not seem that different, but it is important for someone needing financing fast. Credit unions are more focused on their members' financial needs than Harlingen bank. There is no exception when you finance with VFCU. Our Main services include: Lending loans in Harlingen Investment opportunities ... read more

Zelle Improves Your Mobile Banking Experience at our Brownsville Credit Union

VFCU, our Brownsville Credit Union, has made managing your finances easier and easier by going digital, and providing services for your convenience. One way is using Zelle®. It is an alternative way to send money to friends, family, and possibly businesses and places you trust. How do I Send Money With Zelle®? Within this digital... read more