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Fostering Smart Money Habits with our Brownsville Credit Union

Summer is here, and what better way to spend some time with your family then to give an opportunity to teach your kids on financial literacy with our Brownsville Credit Union! Use these simple tips and tricks to help teach your kids on finances and how to manage money more wisely! Its never too early... read more

Explore Our Brownsville Credit Union Savvy Online Services

Step into the digital age with our Brownsville Credit Union - Valley Federal Credit Union (VFCU), your trusted partner in embracing the convenience and sophistication of online banking. VFCU remains at the forefront, offering a suite of online services tailored to meet your needs. From intuitive mobile banking solutions to advanced financial management tools, VFCU... read more

Brownsville Credit Union Tips: 9 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Looking for ways to help improve your credit? Check out these tips and tricks from our Brownsville Credit Union and help get your credit score back on track! Building up your credit score is important in order to invest in bigger purchases such as a home or a new vehicle.  Whether you are struggling with... read more

Best Auto Loan in Brownsville – Accelerate into the New Year with Your Dream Car

If you're dreaming about buying a new car this year, it is possible with our auto loan Brownsville. Whether you're a seasoned buyer or a first-time car shopper, this blog is your comprehensive guide to purchasing a new car. Buckle up and practice these tips below. Set Your Budget Review your budget and decide how... read more

Finding your New Recreational Vehicle is Easy with our Brownsville Credit Union

Where are you exploring this summer? Your family deserves to travel for summer break, and recreational vehicles (RV) funded through our Brownsville credit union can up the fun! RVs can include everything from RV trailers, campers, motorcycles, and even boats. Finding and affording an RV is easy when working with our Brownsville credit union. Choosing... read more

5 Tips to Save Money for a Successful Financial Year

What are you saving for this year? A dream trip, new home, or plush retirement savings? Or you may want to commit to paying off large amounts of debt. Building financial habits now are imperative. Still, you don't have to open other savings account through Harlingen banks, go through our local federal credit union, and... read more

Zelle Improves Your Mobile Banking Experience at our Brownsville Credit Union

VFCU, our Brownsville Credit Union, has made managing your finances easier and easier by going digital, and providing services for your convenience. One way is using Zelle®. It is an alternative way to send money to friends, family, and possibly businesses and places you trust. How do I Send Money With Zelle®? Within this digital... read more