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5 Tips to Save Money for a Successful Financial Year

What are you saving for this year? A dream trip, new home, or plush retirement savings? Or you may want to commit to paying off large amounts of debt. Building financial habits now are imperative. Still, you don’t have to open other savings account through Harlingen banks, go through our local federal credit union, and enjoy a few account perks. Read below for a few tips to save money, and learn some savings habits that can help you become financially stable.

Download Coupon Apps

Believe it or not, some couponing apps can help reduce the finances on daily items from your local grocery stores! Typically, apps with every day savings or item deals can benefit you and your financial situation. Couponing has benefits, so why not dig into savings and use coupons for things you may need for your grocery shopping and personal items?

Enjoy Food at Home

Another way to save money is by eating less takeout and cooking food for work or during the week. By cooking your meals, you can significantly reduce the amount of spending on takeout while saving money on your groceries.

Consider Your Needs, Wants, and Priorities

Keeping track of your needs first rather than focusing on your wants can help you determine where your expenses go whenever you receive your source of income. If needed, write down a list of the top priorities for the week or the month. It’s essential to keep in mind your costs and use the money you need to sustain those needs.

Plan Out your Savings Plan

Saving strategies that work for one person only sometimes work for another. Be selective and consider which of the following can help you:

  • Get inspired to save and create a financial vision board.
  • Look for mortgage payments below 28% of your monthly income.
  • Create a list of your debts to determine which ones to pay off first.
  • Create a financial calendar to track when your monthly bills are due.
  • Take a ‘daily money minute’ to track all your transactions for the say.
  • See your Credit Score when you download the VFCU Mobile Banking App.

Open a Savings Account in Harlingen

A savings account allows you to save money and grow interested in it over time. It is best to leave this money alone so it may increase, but when you open a savings Harlingen account, you enjoy room for financial liberty. Here is what you should know:

  • The savings dividend rate and APR rate can change at any time.
  • You can make up to six withdrawals or transfers from your account monthly.
  • You only need $25 to open this account and maintain at least $500 in your account daily to keep the annual percentage yield of the savings account.

Download the VFCU Mobile Banking App Today and Learn More Tips to Save Money

Start tracking your finances, reviewing your bill payments, and loan status online! Don’t forget to get your FREE credit score when you download the app today, and start saving.

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