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Benefits of E-statements

Managing your finances and keeping track of your money is necessary in order to maintain a budget and have a more organized quality of life. Paper bank statements can be lost, misplaced or fall into the wrong hands. E-statements, (electronic statements) are free, convenient, secure and include all the same information that a paper statement would, without the clutter.

Online banking is becoming the ultimate source for accessing your bank account and statements because of its accessibility and convenience. E-statements eliminate the need for dealing with bulky paper statements that require storage or shredding.

Some of the benefits of having e-statements as opposed to the traditional paper statement are:

  • Secure – Without the need for paper statements, your information will not be exposed to others if your statement is lost or stolen. All information used through e-statements is protected and cannot be seen by anyone but the account holder.
  • Convenient – Your bank account can be access at any time of day, any day of the week. You don’t have to wait in line at the bank or wait for a statement through mail.
  • Availability – Your most current bank statement is available every first of the month.
  • Environmentally friendly – Less paper means less clutter and trash. By using e-statements, you are contributing a small part in conserving the environment.

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The internet has allowed many financial institutions to provide the convenience of online banking and e-statements to their members. For more information on online banking and e-statements, contact the team at Valley Federal Credit Union in Harlingen and Brownsville.