Thank you For Banking at Our Local Federal Credit Union

Thank you For Banking at Our Local Federal Credit Union

This month is National Credit Union Month, and we want to say thank you for banking at our local federal credit union! Financial security is important, and we strive to ensure our VFCU Members get access to the most affordable financial services in Harlingen. What exactly is the difference between our local federal credit union and Harlingen banks? We want to share the perks below!

Banking at Our Local Federal Credit Union

Valley Federal Credit Union (VFCU) provides the best services in financing and other money-lending services such as loans and deposits. Our aim at VFCU is to serve our members by offering competitive products with better rates and fees than you see with a bank. Although much like a bank, VFCU charges interest and account fees, they reinvest those profits back into the products it offers. 

Our Long-Standing Local Federal Credit Union

Banking at our local federal credit union provides financial services in the Rio Grande Valley for over 85 years. At VFCU our approach is to give the best services to our customers and have built our success as a credit union on honesty, trust, and stability. As active members of our community, we are a non-profit organization that serves the best interest of members of the community by: 

  • Funding many charity events
  • Financing educational classes
  • Provide financing professionals for your convenience 
  • Hiring the best customer service 

Steps to Loans We Provide at Low Rates

VFCU is dedicated to providing the best services and rates to our customers. Moreso, we provide several loan services with reasonable rates to help you take charge of your financial situation. Each of our loans has specified rates that cater to your financial needs as well as provide you with plenty of options to help pay off your loans faster! The loans that VFCU provides are: 

Signature/ Personal Loans

Interested in applying for a loan with up to 100% financing possible available to you? Consider our signature/ personal loans and apply online or at our main office! Personal loans can cover many expenses including: 

  • Late bills
  • Summer vacation
  • Credit card payments
  • New technology or home investments

New and Used Auto Loans

Need financing for your vehicle? Consider applying for our new and used auto loans with only the best interest rates and 100% financing available to you! Get ahold of refinancing and other potential benefits of our auto loans by applying online or for more information on our auto loans.

Consolidation Loans

Have mountains of debt due to bad creditors or terrible rates from other banks? Let VFCU help with our consolidation loans! It’s an effective way to pay off your other creditors and fix your financial situation with just a click or call! Pay off your other loans easier by applying online hassle-free.

Loyalty Loans

Have you been a customer with us for a while and need an additional loan? Request a loyalty loan that offers:

  • No credit check! 
  • Up to $1,500 financing
  • Easy application online! 

Services Available in the Mobile Banking App

One of the benefits of VFCU services is our mobile banking benefits! With our mobile banking, you gain access to bank accounts and statements right through your mobile device. Having the mobile banking app available to you means: 

  • Quick and easy access to your finances
  • Easier payments and transfers
  • View history transactions and available balances

Plus, get a FREE credit score when download the app, and check out your financial standing.

Financing with VFCU!

Members who apply at VFCU will have plenty of benefits that are effective, reliable, and flexible that will benefit any lifestyle. Become a VFCU member and gain access to a local federal credit union who is ready to give you plenty of financial inquiries to consider on your financial journey! 

VFCU Member Services

Sign up online and contact us for more information and see if you can become a member of VFCU! Contact us today to learn more about our services. Thank you again for banking at our local federal credit union!

*Certain restrictions may apply.

**Rates are subject to change without notice

***For more information visit our main office or our Brownsville or Harlingen branch.

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