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Stretch Your Dollar During Quarantine with a Few Tips from Our Credit Union in Harlingen!

You may be protecting your health during this challenging time, but who’s protecting your wallet? Our credit union in Harlingen has over 85 years of experience in providing financial assistance and guidance for families just like yours! Now, we’re offering temporary loan and credit card relief to all of our members throughout Cameron County! There... read more

Stay on Track of your Finances from the Comfort of Your Couch

Don’t want to leave your house, but still need to bank? Our credit union in Brownsville and Harlingen can always accommodate you! We offer a variety of electronic services that keep you on track of your finances. Learn how to shop for the best loans and to make payments online, below. Download Our Mobile Banking... read more

Celebrate 85 Years of Lending with Our Credit Union!

We’re celebrating our 85th year of service! We’d like to thank you all for your business and loyalty. To show our gratitude, we’re offering lower interest rates on some of our most popular loans! Consider the following services for your upcoming expenses. Auto Loans Our auto loans are a great alternative to loans from dealerships... read more

2 Ways to Responsibly Invest Your Income Tax Refund This Year

It’s tax season, and many individuals and families will be looking forward to a nice tax return. While many will undoubtedly use their return to update to the newest smartphone or purchase a smart TV, it may be time to start saving your money. Our Harlingen credit union believes in making the most out of... read more

3 Banking Tips That Can Help You Pay Your Loans Off Faster

Being debt-free from loans and credit cards is a goal that many strive for, but it can be very difficult to balance with bills and purchasing necessities. However, paying off your debt can actually be easier if you incorporate smarter and long-lasting banking habits. Regardless of your situation, our credit union in Brownsville would like... read more

3 Perks of Applying for a Consolidation Loan with Our Credit Union in Brownsville!

If overcoming debt is your financial goal this year, then using a consolidation loan is a great option. But picking the right institution to bank with is a crucial step. Credit unions, like banks, offer checking and savings accounts and lending services. However, unlike banks, our credit union provides lower rates with a focus on... read more

3 Reasons to Build a Healthy Budget with Our Credit Union in Harlingen in 2020

Reorganizing your finances after the holidays may seem like a big struggle but creating a budget at the beginning of a new year can help you handle the next 12 months of purchases and spending. Your financial success can also depend on choosing the right financial institution to handle your matters. Credit unions are a... read more

3 Tips You Should Adopt and Practice in 2020 for a Healthy Financial Year!

Do you need to break a few financial habits that are stopping you from saving the money you'd like to keep? Harmful habits, such as spending more than you earn or not saving for an emergency fund, can be hard to break. But when you use our credit union in Harlingen to track your expenses... read more

3 Reasons Credit Unions Are the Best Solution for the Holiday Season

Do you need financing for your holiday expenses this year? If so, VFCU provides a variety of loans and services to meet your financial needs. Although we are a credit union, you can bank with us as a member. Even better, you can request a loan without even being a member! And unlike receiving a... read more

2 Tips That Can Help to Make Your Vehicle Search Easier on Your Finances

The holiday season can be a time of many expenses, but this doesn’t mean you should hold off your plans of purchasing a car if you’re in need of one. Depending on the decisions you make while car shopping, you can either end up benefitting or harming your financial well-being. For example, forgetting to research... read more