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Building Good Credit with Our Harlingen Credit Union

Building good credit through a credit union can be a powerful financial move. Credit unions often offer lower interest rates, reduced fees, and personalized services than traditional banks. By responsibly managing credit union accounts, borrowers can establish a positive credit history, leading to improved credit scores and greater financial opportunities.

We want to share a few more ways it pays to have a more secure and prosperous financial future.

Significant Savings

Although loans can be challenging to pay off, having great credit can help reduce your interest rates, helping you save plenty of money. Loan or credit providers usually trust borrowers who have good credit and will be willing to offer you the best in loans and services.

VFCU offers low and fixed interest rates regardless of your credit score. Apply online and see what you can receive.

Access Affordable Credit Cards

The higher your credit score, the more likely you will receive a better loan rate. We offer affordable credit card rates and multiple options to start building good credit. Check out our:

  • Platinum Card starts at 9.95%
  • Gold Card begins at 12.95%
  • Classic Card begins at 17.95%

Did you know that we offer fixed rates, no annual fees, and no cash advance fees? Apply online now!

Insurance discounts

Although insurance companies never turn down an offer for a person with little to no credit, having a high credit score can help you qualify for lower insurance premiums. This will come in handy for health and car insurance costs.

More Housing Options

When finding a home, sellers usually look for a person with fair or reasonable credit scores to gain potential buyers to determine their financial trustworthiness. A high credit score will improve your chances of getting that home or even renting out that dream apartment you’ve always wanted.

Security Deposit

Some Harlingen banks may want to request a credit report before approving you for bank services. At VFCU, we make services, like security deposit boxes, easy to get. Choose a size at our Harlingen credit union location.

How to Improve My Credit Score?

Attaining your credit score is simple and fast with just a call or click away! Some numbers you can look into are as follows:

● Exceptional – 800 and above

● Very Good – 740 to 799

● Good – 670 to 739

● Poor – 579 and below

Improving your credit takes a lot of work and dedication, and a few ways you can do so is by:

● Monitor your credit history.

● Shorten the number of accounts.

● Keeping your oldest credit accounts open.

● Making smaller but multiple payments per month.

Get a FREE Credit Score and Start Building Good Credit

Get your FREE credit score when you download the VFCU Mobile Banking App. Contact any VFCU location if you need help. The app also allows you to get access to:

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