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The 2024 Savings Challenge with our Harlingen Credit Union

If you’re looking for a financial restart, try out these simple ways to save money without complicating your daily life. Our Harlingen credit union cares how far your dollar can go, so here are a few ways to conserve money and develop better financial habits in 2024.  Automate Transfers Setting up automatic transfers from your... read more

5 Powerful Financial Resolutions from Our Harlingen Credit Union to Transform Your Year

Do your new year resolutions cover your finances? Remember, we all have to start somewhere, and our Harlingen Credit Union can help! Let's navigate the financial landscape together, with resolutions designed to organize your finances for a successful year. Read a few ways below. Ways to Save in 2024 Before we get to the best... read more

6 Ways Our Harlingen Credit Union Can Improve Your Financial Status for 2024

In terms of your finances, we all need to check up on your finances once in a while. If you're on the road to reshaping your finances, checking your current financial status is a must, and here's how you can do it! Check out these tips and tricks from our Harlingen Credit Union to prepare... read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Auto Loans: Financing Your Dream Car

Imagine cruising down the Harlingen streets in your dream car, wind in your hair and adventure at your fingertips. Our auto loans are the rocket fuel that will launch you toward that dream. Whether it's a brand-new beauty or a pre-loved gem, we're here to provide financing that fits you like a perfectly tailored driving... read more

Building Good Credit with Our Harlingen Credit Union

Building good credit through a credit union can be a powerful financial move. Credit unions often offer lower interest rates, reduced fees, and personalized services than traditional banks. By responsibly managing credit union accounts, borrowers can establish a positive credit history, leading to improved credit scores and greater financial opportunities. We want to share a few... read more

Apply for a Recreational Vehicle Loan this Summer at Our Harlingen Credit Union!

It's always possible to invest in RV for the summer with a recreational vehicle loan! With Valley Federal Credit Union (VFCU), you can rent or purchase your next joyride just in time for summer vacation! So please don't delay, and check out our different financial solutions to ensure your summer vacation time is a blast!... read more

Get the Best Deal on Your Car with Your Local Federal Credit Union

Shopping for a good deal on a vehicle may seem impossible in 2023 for several reasons: There is a limited supply of 2023 make and models. Prices at the dealership continue to skyrocket. Many people are preordering their favorite models. Buyers are becoming desperate to find a reasonably priced car. They are willing to compromise... read more

Grab an Auto Loan with Our Harlingen Credit Union

Getting the vehicle of your dreams may seem a little unrealistic right now. Vehicle manufacturers are turning cars out slowly, and dealerships may not have what you want. You can get financing for a vehicle outside of a dealership with our Harlingen Credit union. Learn about our auto loans this season, and ways to make... read more