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Use Zelle During Summer Vacation with our Harlingen Credit Union

Zelle is the next best thing at our Harlingen credit union! Partnered with VFCU (Valley Federal Credit Union) you can now experience a new type of banking with just the click or call away! Check out Zelle and the amazing features within the banking app, and make your transactions much easier for any kind of lifestyle! 

What is Zelle?

Zelle is a way you can send money to other businesses or to people you trust. All you need is a phone number or an email address and you are good to go! Zelle in partnership with VFCU means you can send money through a mobile banking app or through Zelle itself, and send your money in a matter of minutes! No hassle, no fees, just you and your mobile app! 

Benefits of Using Zelle

Zelle is just one of the ways you can use to shop, buy, or transfer with just a click away! All you need is your phone and the mobile app, and you can shop anywhere and everywhere! Zelle is : 

  • Fast 
  • Easy 
  • Safe 
  • Free

How to Use Zelle

If you’re unfamiliar with Zelle, then there’s an easy way to configure it. Zelle is used for : 

  • Sending money
  • Requesting money 
  • Receiving money 

Sending Money with Zelle

If you’re using a mobile app, then use the option that allows you to send money. Once you sign up and accept terms and agreements, you should be ready to receive money in no time at all. You can do so by selecting someone using their phone number or email. Once you find someone to send money to, select your amount and then send right away!

Requesting Money with Zelle

You can even request money from others with Zelle using a request option within the Mobile Banking app. First select the individual within your contacts or using a phone number or email. Then you can select the amount to request, followed by clicking the request button. 

Receiving Money with Zelle

In order to receive money using Zelle, you may need to enroll your email address or phone number with a friend or to the sender. Once they get hold of that information, they can be allowed to send you money with the app or their mobile banking services. Receive money in a matter of minutes and receive a text or email notification showing you that you received your money!

Mobile Bank with Our Harlingen Credit Union

VFCU is changing the way you do mobile banking at our Harlingen credit union! With VFCU, you can receive lots of member benefits just for signing up for their mobile banking app! Besides Zelle, you can enjoy:

  • Apple Pay 
  • UChoose Rewards
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Online banking and bill pay

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