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10 Tips to Safeguard Your Information with our Harlingen Credit Union

Nowadays, technology is the next best thing when it comes to shopping and even tracking your finances comfortably. Almost everything is done using the World Wide Web, but a few issues make cyber shopping a little too good to be true. Learn how to prevent cyber-attacks and theft by following these simple tips and tricks from our Harlingen Credit Union!

Use a Credit Card or Payment Service

When shopping online, it’s best to avoid using your debit card. They are directly linked to your bank account, which means that you’ll be at higher risk for someone to hack your information.

With a credit card at your disposal, you’ll have less of a probability of your card getting stolen, and by using payment services like PayPal, you’ll rest assured that your purchases are secure and safe from the websites you shop.

Shop Only on Secure Sites

Before putting down your personal information on a website, be sure that the website is secure and legitimate. One of the best ways to tell if a website is secure is if the website address begins with “https” at the beginning.

Update Your Software

Updating your software is one of the primary ways you can secure your personal information and finances. Typically, software updates that are being released help improve security and have protective benefits that will alert you if something is wrong when you shop online.

Use Strong Passwords

A strong password is another brilliant way to keep your information safe. This will ensure that no hackers can gatekeep your private information. Using the same password every time can have its fair share of faults if you need to be more careful.

Don’t Click on Links

Stay alert and wary of links being shown to you on your social networking platforms, third-party websites, or even emails. Before even clicking on the link, research and see if it is legitimate before checking it out for yourself on your device or computer.

Keep Your Devices Locked

Unlocked devices are more prone to cyberattacks because they are not on lockdown, making it easy for them to access your information. Without a passcode or lock, your device will be more accessible to hackers out in the open.

Outsmart Email Scams

Watch for emails that seem sketchy and too good to be true. At most times, scammers will distribute email offers for you to click on suspicious links and have a direct line to your information and finances. If you receive a suspicious email, research and see if it is legitimate before clicking it.

Skip Optional Fields

Although most websites will ask you to put in some information to complete your order, it’s best to fill in only the required information. Putting in more than you need to will make your information more susceptible to cyberattacks.

Use Secure Networks

Free hot spots may seem like a good idea when browsing the web to shop for a few things, but free hot spots can make you more accessible to hackers. Never shop online using free hot spots or internet services; instead, use a secure network with a password; that way, you can rest easy and worry less about hackers trying to peek at your information. Furthermore, when shopping online on a secured website, log out of the page before connecting to a public network.

Be Smart About Shopping Apps

Apps make everything much easier when it comes to online shopping. But only some apps are safe. Make sure to:

  • Download apps from reliable sources like Google Play and Apple Store.
  • Do your research and check out the app’s comments to get more reassurance.
  • Take note of the terms and permissions that the app allows to keep track of what information will be leaked out while using the app.

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