Tips to Manage Your Credit Card From VFCU PT 2

Tips to Manage Your Credit Card From Our Local Federal Credit Union PT 2

As previously mentioned, you should start by applying for a credit card to build up your credit. Although setting up a card is easy, it’s important to be proactive and keep your credit card safe to avoid situations like identity theft. Here are a few ways to manage your credit card and keep your information safe!

Start As Soon As Possible

Setting up a good security foundation early can potentially avoid identity theft and credit card fraud. A few ways you can do so is by:

● Turning on account alerts and being notified of suspicious activity.

● Choosing a secure password and PIN; create a strong password using small letters, big letters, numbers, and symbols.

● Signing the back of your card so merchants can compare your card signature to identify a match.

Do not Share Account Information

Never email account information to anyone; this includes merchants online. If a person asks you to send personal information through message or email to confirm purchases, you should immediately report them.

Stay Secure Online

● Always log off of a website whenever you finish using it.

● Never store credit card information on a website to avoid fraud.

● Use an online payment system such as ZELLE to make online transactions.

● Avoid using public wifi when making transactions online to prevent hackers from viewing your data.

● Only shop at websites with “https” with the “s” meaning “secure.” This will ensure that your information isn’t being shared with anyone else online

Stay Cyber-Safe

Phishing is a term that refers to fraudulent attempts to steal your information. Some examples of phishing include:

● Clicking on websites you don’t recognize.

● Giving information to those on a call from a suspicious number.

● Receiving email addresses that differ from legitimate email addresses.

Report Fraud ASAP

If you notice any fraud attempts mentioned, you should report them immediately and notify your bank.

● Call your bank to report a potential scam.

● Double-check your receipts and make sure that they match.

● Maintain an updated list of your credit cards and account numbers.

Apply for Credit Cards During the Summer

Summer vacations are a peak season for scammers and hackers. You can avoid your money being used when you use credit. Become a VFCU member and gain access to a free credit score when you download the Mobile Money App and get competitive credit card rates. Enjoy:

● Fixed rates

● No cash advance

● No annual fees

Apply and receive one of our exclusive credit card services such as :

● Platinum card

● Gold card

● Classic card

Apply for Financing Hassle-Free & Use these Tips to Manage your Credit Card

Apply hassle-free online and contact us if you have any questions regarding financing for the summer to get the most benefits from your local federal credit union in Harlingen.

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