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A Beginner’s Guide to Auto Loans: Financing Your Dream Car

Imagine cruising down the Harlingen streets in your dream car, wind in your hair and adventure at your fingertips. Our auto loans are the rocket fuel that will launch you toward that dream. Whether it’s a brand-new beauty or a pre-loved gem, we’re here to provide financing that fits you like a perfectly tailored driving glove.

New and Used Auto Dreams

At VFCU, we’re all about making your journey smoother. Our auto loans are designed with you in mind:

  • Up to 100% Financing available: Yep, you may be able to receive complete financing depending of your credit, and financial situation. Apply online, and wait for a loan officer to reach out.
  • Refinancing Bliss: Already have a car you love? We can refuel your financing, giving you a chance to revamp your loan and your ride.
  • Protection for Peace: Life is full of surprises, and our credit disability and life insurance are available for purchase with the loan as a safety net.
  • Guard Your Ride: With our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), your vehicle’s value is in safe hands, even if the unexpected happens. Available for purchase now with your loan.
  • Approval Express: In-house loan approval is your express lane to convenience. It’s all about making your life easier, mile after mile.

A Journey for Everyone: Our Lending Rates

We believe in making your journey affordable. Our lending rates are:

  • New Auto Loans: Fuel your new car dreams with rates as low as 5.15%* for up to 75 months. Eyeing a longer journey? We also offer up to 84 months at just 6.50%*.
  • Used Vehicle Voyages: Embrace the road less traveled with rates as low as 6.50%* for up to 72 months. Long-haul adventures? We also offer up to 84 months at 7.50%*.

(Rates are subject to change without notice. Certain terms and conditions are in play. For all the juicy details, drop by our main office or say hi at our Harlingen branch.)

Revving Up Your Dream Ride: Tips from the Pro’s at VFCU

When it comes to getting the finances you need for a car, VFCU in Harlingen is your ticket to the road. Our auto loans are all about making the process fast and easy, tailored just for you. Ready to hit the road? Here are eight tips to steer you in the right direction:

  • Before you hit the pedal, consider your budget. Think about down payments, monthly costs, insurance, and more.
  • Your credit history is your co-pilot. Check your credit score before the ride – it’ll pave the way for smoother financing.
  • That old vehicle? It might fetch you some cash. But before you trade it in, know its worth and make an informed decision.
  • Don’t settle for the first deal you see. Explore websites, deals, and compare prices – it’s like test-driving options.
  • When it comes to loans, think about interest rates and payments. Find the loan that fits like a glove.
  • You’ve done the work, and now it’s time to close the deal. Remember, your new ride and your finances go hand in hand.

Ready to Roll? Let’s Make it Happen with Our Auto Loans!

Get ready to shift into gear and become a VFCU member in Harlingen and gain access to a treasure trove of membership benefits and apply for a loan. Contact our Harlingen credit union today and let’s drive toward your dream ride!

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