Banking with our Federal Credit Union in Harlingen - VFCU

Banking with our Federal Credit Union in Harlingen

Your money is valuable, and your banking institution should think so too. We want the best for our VFCU members, so we are proud to be a member of the National Credit Union Association (NCUA). Credible Harlingen banks or credit unions should also be NCUA members. We explain what this means for you and a few benefits VFCU members get.

Working with the NCUA

Your money is just as important as your everyday life, and it’s our duty to maintain that.

Learn how NCUA keeps your money safe when you create an account with us at VFCU; you can know that we are doing everything to keep your finances safe, sound, and confidential!

VFCU and NCUA offer a safe place for your money and have specific steps for keeping it that way:

  • Step 1: Accounts are organized based on individual information.
  • Step 2: Credit unions are kept under the NCUA federal list and are continuously being monitored for convenience.
  • Step 3: Based on policies with our local federal credit union, your accounts are constantly being kept safe under these policies to determine suspicious activity or detect unusual activities.

Banking Benefits with VFCU

Why join VFCU? Compared to Harlingen banks, VFCU has rates and rewards that are exclusive to our services! Whatever you need in terms of financing, VFCU has lots of opportunities to sign up online. Take advantage of our banking services, such as:

●     Credit Cards

●     Loyalty Loans

●     Consolidation Loans

●     Signature/Personal Loans

●     New and Used Auto Loans

VFCU mobile banking

Mobile Banking Services with VFCU

Banking services are easy with our mobile banking app! As a VFCU customer, you get access to the mobile banking options, including:

  • Zelle®
  • Bill Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Mobile Check Deposits

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Contact our Local Federal Credit Union in Harlingen

Valley Federal Credit Union is dedicated to providing the best in customer service and excessive care in our financial services to our customers. Contact us or call (956) 425 – 5668 to open a checking/savings account and become a VFCU member today.

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