7 Auto Loan Tips from our Local Federal Credit Union - VFCU

7 Auto Loan Tips from our Local Federal Credit Union

Purchasing your next car is exhilarating, but it’s not as entertaining when you don’t have the proper finances to pay for your:

  • Auto loan
  • Auto insurance
  • Auto maintenance

Having the finances can be challenging, and saving could take too long, but an affordable auto loan is an option. Learn how you can prepare to afford your next vehicle with our local federal credit union.

Have a Realistic Budget

One of the best ways to buy your car is to save up for it!! Making the time to put money aside in your saving per paycheck is a great way to build up your finances, so saving around those potential goals would be your best bet.

  • Review your monthly budget and expenses now.
  • Minimize your budget for eating out to two to three times a month.
  • Find areas such as tv subscriptions or entertainment that you can remove.
  • Set that money aside or add it to a savings account to grow little interest.

Research Your Vehicle

Not only are make and model essential but so is choosing between new or used vehicles. Ask yourself, “Do I need a new vehicle, or am I willing to drive a vehicle that may be a few years older but has less than sixty thousand miles on it and is certified not to have been in accidents before?” Before you shop around, you should also research the following:

  • Test drive before you choose a vehicle.
  • Different auto loans from VFCU and other Harlingen banks.
  • Ask a VFCU representative which dealerships they have worked with before.
  • Look at the warranty of vehicles, and call dealerships for current loan rates on vehicles.

Apply for Loan Reapproval

If a Harlingen bank disapproves of your credit or financing options, you can always find the best options with our credit union-Harlingen branch. Apply online today, and you may be able to get the following:

  • New auto loans up to 75 months as low as 4.90%**
  • New auto loans up to 84 months as low as 6.25%**
  • Used auto loans up to 75 months as low as 6.25%**
  • Used auto loans up to 84 months as low as 7.25%**

Trade in Your Old Vehicle

Another option is to trade in older vehicles. You can get a better rate through a dealer. However, it is not a guarantee you will get a better option. However, we recommend researching different dealerships for potential deals.

Make a Large Down Payment

Making a large downpayment can significantly lower your interest rate on a vehicle. You should know down payments can vary between dealerships and vehicles. Review your budget first, and decide if now is the best time to purchase a vehicle or if you can wait to save more for a more significant downpayment.

Explore VFCU Versus Harlingen Banks

Take advantage of all the financial options available at our local federal credit union! Not only do we have the best rates for loans and lending, but we also offer options to help boost your credit! Consider talking with our online representatives and getting the best services that benefit you and your goal of getting that dream car.

New and Used Auto Loans

We have everything you’d need to get that dream car you’ve always wanted! Let us help you get the best finances to get that car with no stress and hassle! Take advantage of:

● Refinancing

● Up to 100% financing

● Low-cost extended warranty

● Guaranteed asset protection for your vehicle

Get Your Dream Ride with our Local Federal Credit Union

Interested in getting that dream car you’ve always wanted? Dream no more! No need to stress; contact us for more information online!

*Rates are subject to change without notice

**Certain terms and conditions apply. For more information, visit our main office or our Harlingen branch.

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