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3 Tips You Should Adopt and Practice in 2020 for a Healthy Financial Year!

Do you need to break a few financial habits that are stopping you from saving the money you'd like to keep? Harmful habits, such as spending more than you earn or not saving for an emergency fund, can be hard to break. But when you use our credit union in Harlingen to track your expenses... read more

3 Reasons Credit Unions Are the Best Solution for the Holiday Season

Do you need financing for your holiday expenses this year? If so, VFCU provides a variety of loans and services to meet your financial needs. Although we are a credit union, you can bank with us as a member. Even better, you can request a loan without even being a member! And unlike receiving a... read more

2 Tips That Can Help to Make Your Vehicle Search Easier on Your Finances

The holiday season can be a time of many expenses, but this doesn’t mean you should hold off your plans of purchasing a car if you’re in need of one. Depending on the decisions you make while car shopping, you can either end up benefitting or harming your financial well-being. For example, forgetting to research... read more

3 Steps to Help You Avoid Identity Theft While Traveling This Holiday Season

According to, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) processed 1.4 million fraud reports in 2018, and the most common forms fell into the following categories: Imposter scams Debt collection Identity theft Identity theft has become a growing problem for Americans over the past decade with online shopping having grown into its own industry. Another issue... read more

Prepare for the Holiday Season with These 2 Services from Our Credit Union in Harlingen

Preparing your finances for the upcoming holidays can be stressful. However, our credit union in Harlingen wants to help you by offering two seasonal services to ensure that your funds will last through the next few months. For a short time, you can apply to receive a Loyalty Loan or join our Holiday Skip-a-Payment Plan!... read more

If You Have a Savings Plan, Then Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

Everyone should have a long-term financial goal, but whether it’s saving for retirement, a new home, or a new car, many sometimes find it a struggle to hold onto their savings. A few reasons for this include facing financial setbacks like a job loss, poorly managing their spending, or simply not knowing how to grow... read more

3 Tips from Our Credit Union in Brownsville to Create a Successful Savings Plan

Is your paycheck being spent too fast on various bills and other responsibilities? Saving for your retirement, family trips, or a future home can sometimes be pushed to the backburner when having to make payments on other important things. Fortunately, as a VFCU member, you’ll have access to our services that can help you save... read more

3 Reasons Why College Students Should Apply for a Loan from Our Credit Union in Brownsville

If you’re a college student, then you know the importance of having money for the semester. Without it, it can be difficult to purchase groceries, school books, or even pay rent if you live off-campus. Our credit union in Brownsville wants for you to know that you have options to make your finances easier to... read more

3 Money-Saving Services from Our Credit Union in Brownsville to Help You with the Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school expenses might be the focus of your paycheck this August, but this doesn’t mean that saving some money is an impossibility. We’re pretty sure that your little one or teen has already started classes and new clothes and school supplies have taken a toll on your wallet, but Valley Federal Credit Union is here... read more

Save Money During the Hot Seasons with These 4 Energy-Efficient Tips Thanks to Our Credit Union in Harlingen

The summer’s heat is unbearable, but your finances don’t have to be! Each month, you can end up spending much more than you’d like on energy costs for your home or car. Learn how you can lower them while saving money with these four tips thanks to our credit union in Harlingen! Reduce the Heat... read more