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Have the Holidays Covered with Personal Loans Harlingen Has to Offer!

The holidays are here, and this means buying gifts for your friends and family. However, worrying about running out of funds is not fun. With our personal loans Harlingen VFCU has, you can worry less and focus on preparing for the holiday season with these convenient budgeting tips and tricks.

Create a Realistic Budget

Don’t just pick a random number and call it a day. Instead, invest in what you want to purchase for the holidays and work around a set amount, a personal loan can also help. Factor in the details of:

  • Holiday meals
  • Holiday trip
  • Work parties
  • Weekly expenses
  • Set a limit on the number of gifts
  • Share a few meals to avoid eating out

Budget with the VFCU Mobile Money App

Everyone tends to overspend even a little during the holidays. Track your holiday expense by downloading the VFCU mobile money app to:

  • Make payments
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Transfer cash to friends
  • See your credit score for FREE

Suggest ‘Secret Santa’ with Friends and Family

Secret Santa is a perfect way to plan to find simple yet meaningful gifts with your friends and family. This allows you to find outstanding facilities without going overboard on picking the perfect one. 

Compare Prices Online

Stores and sales always promote discounts using a code or online discount using your phone. So why not use that to your advantage and use your phone, not your wallet, this time? Check out plenty of sales-ready and waiting for you at the retail stores near you! 

Get Creative

Take the time to invest in more homemade gifts this holiday season. Not only is it more practical, but they will surely not harm you financially. Homemade gifts are always cheap and very heartfelt and will also make the most memories!

Take Your Time

Regarding holiday savings, it’s best to do them earlier in the month or right when the sales happen. Please take advantage of holiday promotions and sales near you, and don’t wait until it’s gone.

Rotate Hosting Duties

Hosting for holiday parties can get excessive and pricey, so why consider hosting during one time of the year and let other family members take on the next and so on? This is a practical solution for preparing and saving money for holiday parties without harming your finances in the process.

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