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Banks Are On the Losing End

Banks Are On the Losing End Banks with unsatisfied customers are now becoming a trend. A Javelin Strategy and Research report stated that banks like Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America are at high risk of losing customers. In March 2012, 11 percent of people surveyed rated the likeliness of transferring their funds to... read more

Credit Unions and Scholarships

Credit Unions and Scholarships Recently, a prominent federal credit union awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to high school seniors. These students will be going to college with a little load off of their shoulders, knowing their student loans will not be as burdensome. Credit unions are known for being benefactors of community outreach programs.... read more

Why you should join a credit union

Why you should join a credit union Credit unions are similar to banks, and for this reason, many people may mistake a credit union for another typical bank. The truth is, however, a credit union differs from a bank, and these differences can benefit you and your family. A credit union is a non-profit, cooperative... read more

Moms Without Credit Cards

Moms Without Credit Cards Recently, light has been shed on stay-at-home moms who are unable to obtain credit cards. Though many of these women are living financially secure lifestyles, major credit card companies are denying unemployed people credit cards, regardless of an impressive credit score or past credit card history. The Card Act Rule that... read more

Credit Unions On The Rise

The Washington post recently reported that credit unions have reached their highest peak in the last five years.  This is big news, especially after protesting what has taken place on Wall Street. With $11.2 billion in loans through credit unions in the last years, there has been a corresponding jump in credit union membership. This... read more

H-E-B to open in-store credit union branches

H-E-B to open in-store credit union branches The Texas grocery store has announced that five Generations Federal Credit Union branches will open in Bexar County stores. This will offer more resources to credit union members living around the area and will provide convenient, in-and-out transactions for credit union shoppers. San Antonio Business Journal reports almost... read more

Lower APR rates for credit union members

Lower APR rates for credit union members The start of February 2012 marks lower rates for credit card holders with the annual percentage falling to 14.91 percent. Reports say this rate is the lowest it has been since August 2011 and should continue to decrease. With only one month gone in 2012, the rate has... read more

Students and Credit Unions

College students have to worry about much more than just schoolwork and going to class.  Student are burdened with having to pay for school tuition, expensive books, housing, and meals.  Aside from the basic survival necessities of a college student, additional finances can place heavier strain on a young college student. These financial worries don’t... read more

Credit Cards

Having a new credit card can be an exciting experience, but if not used correctly, you can get into debt and find yourself feeling helpless. Credit cards can be beneficial to you, but you must know how to use them correctly. Your credit reports and scores, impact the deals and interest you will receive when... read more

Benefits of online banking

More people are experiencing the convenience of online banking as it becomes more popular. Accessing your bank account information can all be done through the click of a mouse and now, even through the press of a button on your cell phone. Online banking provides you with access to your savings and checking account and... read more