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Students and Credit Unions

College students have to worry about much more than just schoolwork and going to class.  Student are burdened with having to pay for school tuition, expensive books, housing, and meals.  Aside from the basic survival necessities of a college student, additional finances can place heavier strain on a young college student.

These financial worries don’t need to be so extensive.  Credit unions often work with students to help ease the monetary woes that can add to the already stressful environment of school.

Valley Federal Credit Union in Harlingen can help Rio Grande Valley students learn about the benefits of opening a credit union account.  Some benefits include:

  • Lower APR on certain student loan types
  • Low- to no-fee checking accounts
  • Easy and convenient ATM access
  • Dividends paid to credit union members
  • Valuable return rates on savings accounts

Valley Federal Credit Union has locations in Harlingen, Los Fresnos, Brownsville and around the Valley.  Call our main office today at 956-546-3108.  Our team will explain the benefits of joining a credit union.

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