Lower APR rates for credit union members, Credit Union in Brownsville, Credit Union Membership

Lower APR rates for credit union members

Lower APR rates for credit union members

The start of February 2012 marks lower rates for credit card holders with the annual percentage falling to 14.91 percent. Reports say this rate is the lowest it has been since August 2011 and should continue to decrease.

With only one month gone in 2012, the rate has dropped from 15.14 percent to 14.91. This is promising news for customers who should expect to see a change in the average APR they’re used to.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union reported a 4-point APR decrease on Visa Platinum Cash Rewards, reported creditcards.com.

Customers looking for satisfying credit card rates would benefit from credit union membership. Contact Harlingen’s top credit union, Valley Federal Credit Union, at (956) 546-3108 for more information.

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