Financial Enlightenment in Today’s World, Financial Englightenment

Financial Enlightenment in Today’s World

Credit unions not only offer the beneficial perks of practically little to no fees, low APRs and membership involvement, but they teach you how to be smart with your money. If you’re not the brightest bulb in the building as far as financial savviness is concerned, don’t sweat it. Today’s world is financially threatened by hackers and debt. According to, credit unions can teach you to become financially literate by offering seminars and providing information regarding identity theft and managing credit cards.  They educate you in making smart decisions, unlike banks. At credit unions, you’re a member not just another customer. They pride themselves in creating a confidential and secure atmosphere for all members, disregarding your age or status. Stop lingering in a world of financial darkness, become enlightened.

Contact your local federal credit union for more information regarding seminars, lectures or presentations.

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To learn more about financial information and become a member, contact the Brownsville credit union branch of Valley Federal Credit Union at (956) 546-3108 or the Harlingen branch at (956) 425-5668.

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