Credit Unions and Technology

Credit Unions and Technology

It seems as though every bank today has a mobile app or offers easier ways to bank from your computer. Credit unions are not far behind. In fact some larger credit unions are ahead of banks when it comes to technological advances like web chat, click to call or remote tellers. The reason for this is because they don’t have the support staff proficient in technology to support it.

According to Thomas Wright, publisher and editor of Credit Union Tech Talk, states that credit unions are equivalent to E*Trade. A survey done by the FIS noted that 50% of all smartphone owners used mobile banking within the last 30 days. Experts predict a substantially larger percentage of credit unions will adopt mobile banking.

Miyamoto, an app developer at Tyfone says, “Mobile banking is getting its own identity versus online banking; it’s the financial services of tomorrow.”

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To find out if the Brownsville credit union or the Harlingen credit union offers online or mobile banking services, contact VFCU at their main office in Brownsville at (956) 546-3108.

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