Need Financial Aid, Try a Credit Union

Need Financial Aid, Try a Credit Union

Credit unions are known to help their members succeed in whatever way possible. This includes offering private student loans for their college-bound members. Everyone understands that attending college requires a financial commitment that can’t always be completely filled without some sort of aid.

Students should always try to get as much “free” money from the government as possible. Credit unions are there to provide funds for whatever financial gap students may need filled. Credit unions offer competitive rates compared to traditional banks, plus they offer plenty of literature and services in understanding their private loans and what they entail.

Anyone attending college will have access to different options when applying for a private student loan from a credit union. Utilizing a loan from a credit union also encourages financial responsibility. Become a member today!

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For more information on different loans or on becoming a member, contact Valley Federal Credit Union at their Brownsville branch at (956) 546-3108.

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