America To Welcome New $100 Bill, Brownsville Credit Union

America To Welcome New $100 Bill

Americans can expect to see the new, redesigned $100 note in October of this year, the Federal Reserve Board announced this week.

The bill’s revamped design was made public in 2010, but after difficulties in the printing process, the released date was postponed. One of the most important and noticeable features is the blue 3-D security ribbon. The bills will be easier to authenticate and counterfeits will be harder to produce.

The Federal Reserve Board stated that the new bill design also includes optically variable ink (OVI) on the numerals (100) of the front portion of the bill, a golden numeral (100) on the backside, and an OVI bell in the copper inkwell. The color-shifting features are another anti-counterfeiting measure. The new bill will also display raised printing all around and small print on the borders, near the watermark, and on Benjamin Franklin’s jacket collar.

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