State CU's Offer Aid to Town of West, Brownsville Credit Union

State CU’s Offer Aid to Town of West

The recent fertilizer plant explosion in the small town of West has inspired credit unions across the state of Texas to contact the Texas Credit Union Foundation (TCUF) in order to help fellow credit unions and members during their time of need.

“In times of crisis, the Foundation is here to help our credit unions and their staff get back on their feet so that they in turn can be there for their members,” said Courtney Moran, TCUF Executive Director.

The devastating fire killed and injured several residents and caused severe damage to homes and commercial buildings. The TCUF is currently evaluating the conditions to determine if the damage caused to local credit unions and their staff members is severe enough to provide assistance from the relief fund.

“It’s so gratifying to know that we serve in a movement where people really care about each other,” Moran said, in regards to the emails and phone calls the Foundation received from credit unions in Texas offering their help.

If the disaster relief fund is activated, TCFU will notify credit unions and members immediately.

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Credit unions focus on providing aid to fellow members when in need. Contact VFCU in Harlingen and Brownsville at 956.546.3108 for more information on how to become a member of our credit union.

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