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VFCU – They Can Float Your Boat

Summer is the best time to invest in a boat, but finding a way to finance that investment can be difficult. Finding the right loan that fits into your budget, and also has a manageable interest rate can take some time and research. Choosing where to get your loan is also an important aspect to consider. Many Americans are choosing credit unions over major banking institutions.

Financing Your Boat With a Loan From a Credit Union

Credit unions can be the best option when financing your boat. A boat loan from a credit union allows the customer to get full financing for their boat, while also offering competitive interest rates. The benefit of getting a loan locally is the fact that the loan is processed and accepted in one location almost instantaneously.

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If you are looking for a loan to finance your boat purchase, contact Valley Federal Credit Union at (956) 546-3108. We offer a number of loan options, and are happy to help you choose the right one for you and your new boat.

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