Mobile Money: Mobile Banking Keeps You on Track

Mobile Money: Mobile Banking Keeps You on Track

Having quick access to your money is a big deal these days, especially as the holidays come around. Whether you’re picking up groceries for Thanksgiving dinner or buying early Christmas gifts during the Black Friday rush, it’s critical to have access to your bank accounts wherever you are.

In the age of smartphones, mobile banking has become the quickest way to manage your finances without ever visiting a branch and Valley Federal Credit Union’s Mobile Money app makes bank issues as easy as a few keystrokes.

Mobile banking puts your money in your hands. Discover what we can do for you.

Free of Fees

Mobile Money, like most mobile banking apps, is free of charge to members and allows you to make almost any banking transaction easily and without fees. We realize that the holidays can make any family tight on money, so we prioritize at providing good service that doesn’t hurt your wallet. Sometimes, you don’t have to pay for convenience and mobile banking takes that notion to heart.

Full Control

Having direct access to your funds on your phone gives you immense power when it comes to managing your money. If you need to quickly transfer that gift check from grandma into your savings account, you can do so hassle-free and are never left in doubt about your balance when holiday shopping since you can quickly check your account no matter where you are.

Mobile banking takes the guesswork out of your personal finances and, in the long run, can actually help you save because knowing where you stand at all times helps you manage your spending for when you need it most.

You Are Our Priority

At Valley Federal Credit Union, our priority is our customers. Along with mobile banking, we provide numerous benefits and programs for members, especially during the holidays. We work to serve you and pride ourselves in doing so. If you would like to learn more about our services or how to join, let us know or check out any of our three Valley branches.

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