VFCU’s Newsletter is Going Green!

VFCU’s Newsletter is Going Green!

Valley Federal Credit Union is proud to announce that our newsletter will soon be going electronic. In recent years, many large companies have chosen to “go green”. This basically means ridding paper as a method of communication to clients. This is both a benefit to us and more so for our customers.

Why Go Paperless?

Newsletters take a lot of effort, time and work to be written, printed and sent out to you. Going paperless is a luxury that benefits both sides for the following reasons:

  • Electronic communication cuts down on time
  • Paper is no longer used, which means costs are lowered
  • Electronic newsletters reach you almost instantly rather than having to wait several days for them to reach your mailbox
  • To read a newsletter, all you have to do is open your email

Remember, this is a work in progress. Although we won’t be adopting this new and extremely beneficial feature right away, it will become a common occurrence quite soon.

Always Keeping You in Mind

We do everything we can to make working with us as easy as possible. This new feature is proof that we work with your needs in mind and want nothing but the best to keep you as a client. For more information on what we do to make your experience with us as best as possible, reach out to us at any of our four locations.

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