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Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Break Your Account

Every year as Father’s Day nears, we scramble to find a worthy gift for one of the most important men in our lives. We’d love to shower our fathers with gifts worthy of the upbringing they’ve given us. Yet, sometimes we’re on a budget where all we can offer is appreciation and love. VFCU is here to offer a few Father’s Day gift ideas without breaking your account.

Introduce one of the most important men in your life to our services. Whether he’s looking to start saving or apply for a loan, VFCU has the banking services that will make his life simpler.

Looking for Affordability

If you’re looking for affordable Father’s Day gifts that won’t break your VFCU account, there are a variety of options to choose from. We know that finding the right Father’s Day gift can be tricky. You could go the typical and generic route with a tie or coffee mug and he’d probably be fine with it. How about something unique this year? After all, this is the man who taught you to do so many things.

To get ideas, consider some creative and affordable gifts for every type of dad, from the coffee aficionado to the tech-savvy man. We know he would be happy with a hug or just the fact that you remembered, but remember that he helped mold you into the person you are today, so get him something he’ll love. According to Bonnie Mejia, Executive Vice President of VFCU, fathers deserve a special gift.

“My father always told me to be responsible,” Mejia said. “The best tip was to make sure my bills were paid on time.”

An Emotional Gift

Dads love to feel included and part of the extended family. If you’ve left the nest, remind Dad of the emotional bond you still share with him. A great way to show your appreciation is to make do-it-yourself gifts, such as footprints or handprints made from a cheap cement kit.

It’s a great and nifty way of not breaking your account while giving your father something you’ve made. If “affordable” and “free” are two words that your dad loves, suggest a VFCU checking account for him. It’s a great service that’s free of charge.

The Coffee Lover

Summers in Texas are hot and humid, including mornings. Wouldn’t Dad love a cool-chilled iced coffee on these hot Texas summer days? Get him an ice-coffee maker so he can make himself his favorite chilled drink. Some ice-coffee makers can also be used to chill wine and other alcoholic drinks.

The Metropolitan Man

Electric razors have been popular for some time now. It wouldn’t hurt to gift your dad with a little extra helper to give his face a trim. Most trimmers are optimized for precision, which makes trimming simpler and enjoyable to do. They can provide up to one hour of work with a rechargeable battery, which should be enough time to trim most beards.

The Fitness Dad

We know coffee is usually everyone’s favorite morning beverage, but you can get Dad something that will help him with his nutrition. Fresh juice makers are very popular nowadays. Homemade juice has many health benefits, including opting out of leading brands which have an overload of sugar. Remember, it’s a gift for one of your favorite men. Look for a stainless steel model that’s dishwasher safe.

The Handyman

Keep Dad organized with a new toolbox for all of the tools he keeps lying around in the garage. Disorganization is especially a problem if Dad is a super handyman. Look for tote boxes that have a tote tray for his small and large tools with a built-in padlock. You can find a variety of toolboxes online within the range of $20 to $25.

Also consider customizing it with a Father’s Day message engraving. Keep track of all of your spending habits with VFCU Online Banking, which will help you figure out where your money is going.

Manage Your Funds with Us

If you’re on the prowl for the perfect Father’s Day gift and want to save money at the same time, start by looking into the services we provide. VFCU has great saving solutions for you or Dad, made easy and worry-free. Manage your own savings or checking account with our credit union in Brownsville today.

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