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Avoid Potential Errors When Paying Bills Online

Valley Federal Credit Union’s online services have many great benefits, and if you’ve ever had to pay bills through mail, then you’re fully aware of how easy doing so online instead can ease so many troubles. Keeping track of checks made out to your utility company or mobile phone provider, stamping envelopes and sending them out via mail can be a hassle compared to doing the same by just logging into your VFCU account!

However, despite having the luxury of paying bills online, many people tend to make a few mistakes. In this piece, we’ll go over some of those potential errors.

If you’re ready to enjoy the stress-free life of having Online Bill Pay and Mobile Banking, then contact us to open an account today!

Online Bill Pay

With Online Bill Pay, you are the one in control of payments. Set up payments by scheduling them anytime you want. The convenience is offering you the flexibility of sending them ahead of time or instantly. Forget about having to set reminders. With Bill Pay and recurring payments, you’ll enjoy peace of mind in knowing that everything is taken care of.

Automatic Payment Withdrawals

Another way to avoid the stress of having to send out payments is setting up automatic payment withdrawals. This is a convenient option if you’re a regular customer of a certain business or vendor. Just remember, you’re giving them permission to take funds from your checking account on specified dates.

This can range from streaming subscription services like Netflix, gyms, mortgage lenders or car dealerships. Payments will be deducted from your account whether or not you have the relevant amount of funds to make a payment, so keep this in mind to avoid overdrafts.

With a VFCU Star Checking account, the option to stop a payment is free! Other perks include notary service, health benefit discounts, shopping/travel discounts and Visa Debit UChoose rewards! Ask us how a VFCU Star Checking account can make your life easier!

Potential Problems?

There are a couple of things to remember if you do happen to set up payments for automatic withdrawals. The most common is a company not notifying you that a service or monthly fee has increased. The withdrawal will still be made and it can be weeks before you notice it on your monthly account statement. This could also be a problem if your paycheck is lower than usual. The amount deducted will not be adjusted to prevent an overdraft fee on your account. Be sure to keep this in mind if you do decide to use an automatic bill pay feature.

No Surprises, Just Great Reliable Service

By scheduling payments through VFCU Bill Pay, you’ll be in charge of determining how and when funds leave your account. No bad surprises, just good ones. With VFCU Online and Mobile banking, you’ll have the convenient option of setting up text alerts and stopping payments as well. The VFCU Star Checking Account has a great feature called “Overdraft Protection From Saving”, which disburses funds from your savings account to your checking account to help avoid unexpected overdraft charges.

We’re Here to Help

With Online Banking, VFCU continues to offer more options to members and improve the way personal finance tools are used. Visit our credit union in Harlingen or call to ask how we can help keep track of your expenses while you pay your bills on time.


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