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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Credit Union

We want to explain how credit unions operate and what they entail. You might even be inclined to open an account with us or even switch from your bank. Whatever your reason for coming to us may be, we want you to know that we’ll do whatever we can to preserve our relationship with you. If you’re considering making the switch to us from a bank, here are a few reasons to cement your decision.

Credit unions are one of the most trusted financial institutions in the country. Call us today and ask us how you can become a member.


We exist within the means of having your best interests at heart and not for the benefit of stockholders or the institution. Banks, on the other hand, operate in such a way that they put profits before customer satisfaction. With us, you’ll always be of the highest importance. We understand that you’ve heard this many times before with other industries, but credit unions are one of the most trusted financial institutions for the sole reason that they treat customers exceptionally well.


Since credit unions follow a cooperative structure, they are owned and operated by their members. Credit unions also reimburse their members for ATM fees that they’ve incurred on other machines. This can be a major lifesaver when you’re out of town or in college and there are no branches near your campus.


Credit unions have lower expenses, and for that reason, are able to pass along savings to their members. We offer a free checking account with no minimum balance requirement. On the other hand, at big banks, you might find yourself paying a big fee when your funds fall below a certain amount.

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts at our credit union are better than major banks because, on average, we yield earnings of 0.13% while banks are 0.12%. We know that might not sound like a big difference, but in the long run, it will be. Saving with us is just better for your bottom line.

Lower Rates

Loans from credit unions usually have better rates because they are non-profits. According to the National Credit Union Association (NCUA), the average interest rate on a 48-month loan for a new car is 2.64% at credit unions compared to 4.78% with major banks. Also keep in mind that we currently have great rates for personal and home loans.

Unique Offers

The NCUA has reported that the average interest rate for credit union credit cards is 11.55% compared to those of banks, which run at 12.89%. There is a huge difference in terms of APR, but credit unions are less costly in terms of fees. Our credit cards are designed to meet your needs and tailored to offer competitive rates and rewards.


Has a bank ever turned you down? Try our credit union! Borrowing standards are more flexible and we will work with you. This is especially true for members who are in good financial standing. Credit unions are a great option for small business owners and entrepreneurs who usually find it hard getting a loan from a bank.

We Hope to Hear from You!

We know that choosing a financial institution can be tricky and may take several days to consider. Our benefits alone are worth the consideration! If you would like more information about what else we offer, or if you’re ready to start your membership, then contact our credit union in Brownsville today!

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