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VFCU Wants for You to be Financially Secure During College!

Thousands of college freshmen will be swarming Rio Grande Valley campuses this fall as eager, excited and optimistic individuals start the next chapter in their lives. One of the most overlooked parts of this new chapter, however, is financial stability. Being on your own can mean many things, and money shouldn’t be a concern. Valley Federal Credit Union has great services that can help you maintain a healthy financial standing! Read on to learn what you can do!

Our services can compliment the college experience for any Rio Grande Valley student looking to save and learn at the same time. Contact us today!

Where Exactly Do I Start?

One of the easiest ways to build a healthy amount of money is to start saving. Set up an automatic weekly transfer from your checking account into your savings account. That way, you’ll know the exact amount your account is at each week.

How Do I Avoid Overspending?

There are two things to prevent overspending. First, create a limit for items. This means that any expense over your spending limit will need to be really considered. Second, consider if the item you want to purchase is truly needed. For example, groceries are needed; a new television is wanted. Think hard about making these types of purchases, especially if they’re over your spending limit.

How Do I Manage My Account?

The biggest priority is managing your balance and not spending more than what is in your account. Remember, you’re a college student now. Most of your time should be spent studying and taking part in student organizations. Try signing up for text or email alerts. This way, you’ll stay up-to-date on your balance, especially when you’re low on funds. With smartphones, you’ll find the VFCU Mobile Banking app, which is a great convenience. Get text alerts and a balance history wherever you are.

How Can I Save as a College Student?

The best way to save as a college student is to take advantage of discounts and do as much comparison shopping as possible. Student discounts are usually available for school supplies and food. Most students take the plunge on the first item they see without shopping elsewhere or consider a more affordable alternative. VFCU has great checking accounts free of charge so you can concentrate on studying and campus activities instead of money.

Spend Wisely and Smartly!

Our credit union in Brownsville wants to see you succeed both academically and financially. Get in contact with us to learn how our services can help you keep track of your spending and saving today!

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