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8 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Next Vehicle Purchase

With automakers needing to move vehicles and government and automaker incentives flooding the market, you’ve entered the perfect time to start shopping for your dream car. While buying a used certified car would most likely get you the most bang for your buck, with so many available incentives, new cars could be just as good a value. At VFCU, we have great rates to help you purchase a new or used car! Visit us today and drive away in the vehicle you’ve been eyeing!

Let VFCU help you secure the financial help needed to purchase your dream car today! Visit or call us at your convenience!

Get Approved Through Us

We can help you secure a new or used auto loan! Once you’re preapproved, you can start your car shopping adventure. Having a set amount of money in your wallet gives you the benefit of not overspending. Show up at an auto dealer and give a salesman/woman your loan amount. That’s what you should spend: no going over or under.

Check Internet Prices

While you’ll most likely show up at a dealer to test drive a car, you can negotiate prices and financing through your computer. Most dealers are salaried, so they’ll get extra bonuses rather than a commission based on a sale price. This means they’ll cut you the best price to move cars, so saving anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 is not uncommon. You can also avoid the dreaded financing and insurance add-ons that usually hamper deals. An added convenience of financing with VFCU is our guaranteed asset protection (GAP) service.

Make Dealers Come to You

You can start a bidding war just by emailing a couple of dealerships and telling them the model, make, year and price you want. Let them know that you’re talking to other dealers, and be specific on the car and price you’re looking at. If a warranty is mentioned from the start, you can negotiate with peace of mind, especially if you’ve already been approved with a loan from VFCU because we offer low costs on extended warranties!

Everything is Negotiable

While add-on fees are always on a contract, don’t think of them as non-negotiable, and they aren’t at a fixed cost. Everything is negotiable and smart buyers should know this. Make sure you enter a dealership with plenty of time on your hands. Most buyers get antsy and want to walk out as soon as possible without exploring their options.

Do Your Research

Before starting the process of searching for a new car, know what a good deal is. Many automakers offer incentives for more than two-thirds of cars on the market. Know what these incentives are and which cars they apply to. Look into leading consumer reports for specific makes and models to find the true market value.

Time is a Factor

Another great way to save is to buy an end-year model. Dealerships will be trying to move last year’s models out as soon as they can. You can also wait until the end of the month when sales departments are trying to meet their sales quotas. Also, August through October is another good time to get good deals for current models, since this is when newer ones start showing up on lots.

Search Around

Always remember that a dealership selling you a car won’t necessarily be the one that offers you the best deal on your trade-in. Take the time to shop around for the best deal to see who can offer you the best trade-in price.

Is it Really the Vehicle You Need?

Look at your specific situation and determine if the car you want is the one you need. Yes, sports cars are nice, but will your two kids enjoy it as well? Will it serve your needs in the future? Make sure you get exactly what you need.

Start Today!

Buying a new or used car requires quite a bit of homework to be done first. It’s always better to be prepared than to walk away with a bad deal that will haunt you down the road. Visit our credit union in Harlingen today so we can help you drive away with a great auto loan with low rates!

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