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What You Can do to Go About Spending Less During College – Part 2

In our previous blog post, we discussed in length how to take charge of your own financial affairs while in college. Good spending habits like making a budget, being responsible and accounting for your finances are great ways to kickstart your college life. Now, let’s talk about a few more ways to live financially comfortable during your college years!

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Consider a Job

We understand that college is already a lot of work. Everything from researching for term papers and studying can take up a bulk of your time. Plus, socializing with student organizations and being involved in extracurricular activities may not leave enough time for a part-time job.

However, finding work can help supply a great portion for your discretionary funds, and you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve earned your own money. Remember, though, you can’t successfully manage your money without a checking account with online components to make it happen. Explore ours that come coupled with online options that allow access to your account wherever you are!

Many colleges and universities have work-study programs that can allow you to work around your college schedule. If you decide to work off-campus instead, consider somewhere that’s flexible with your classes.

Avoid the New if Possible

Textbooks and other school supplies can burn a large hole in your wallet if you’re attending college without a scholarship. Instead of purchasing your books new, opt for a used copy instead. Many university book shops carry older, less expensive editions of books that your course may allow you to use. The same can go for other materials like calculators. Rather than spend over $100 on a new model, do some research on older, more affordable ones that can help you do your work. Just be sure to get the go-ahead from your professor first before making a purchase! All of this can be better managed with a budget that you can keep track of through one of our checking accounts.

Spend Less

During college, it’s a given that we’ll meet new faces and make new friendships. These relationships will undoubtedly result in spending time off-campus at restaurants, entertainment venues and even bars. Just be sure that, when out with friends, not to go overboard on your spending, especially if you’ve successfully budgeted your spending amount for the month. Our online banking service allows you to check into your account to see whether or not you can splurge a few more dollars when out on the weekends.

Helping You Get There

Our credit union in Harlingen wants nothing more than to see you be financially secure during your college years. This period is one where you’ll grow academically and financially, so make sure to take the high road when dealing with your spending habits. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can help you!

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