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Money Used Smartly: 7 Ways to Use a Personal Loan from VFCU!

Loans serve a single purpose; to help you afford whatever it is you’re looking to buy. Personal loans are a little more flexible in terms of what you can use them for. Usually, customers opt to take advantage of low interest rates to consolidate debt or pay for a variety of things. At Valley Federal Credit Union, we offer a variety of loan options, including personal loans with low interest rates. Let’s talk about some smart ways to use them.

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Home Improvements

Instead of purchasing a new home because your current one needs too many repairs, consider getting a personal loan from us. They can save you money by avoiding the costly options of mortgages. Whether its repairing your kitchen, bathroom or remodeling the master bedroom, our personal loans can give you the flexibility to get it done quickly! If, on the other hand, a new home is a must, then read on to our next point.


While a personal loan won’t cover the entire costs of purchasing a home, it can help alleviate the initial burden. There are many costs associated with home-buying, like closing costs, down payments and purchasing furniture. The mortgage process could be affected if these factors are taken into your debt-to-income ratio. A personal loan is a smart way to purchase the little things that will make your new house a home.


Weddings can be very, very expensive. One doesn’t get married every day, and a wedding will surely bring lasting memories to share with your family and friends in the years to come. A personal loan can help make a memorable event everlasting without draining your savings account.

For Your Business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for ways to start a business or an established company in the RGV, a personal loan can help finance much-needed equipment like printers, computers, cleaning supplies, etc. Ask about our business accounts as well. Everything you’ll need to set up your business for success can be done with our business accounts, Internet Bill Pay and Stop Payment and Notary Services!


We all know that saving up for a dream vacation is always a challenge. It’s hard to build up funds when there are other important things in life. A personal loan will instantly give you the cash you need to head anywhere you’ve dreamed of without waiting months or years to save up. The great thing about having a personal loan and account with VFCU is being able to access it anywhere!

Credit Card Payments

Did you know that personal loans usually have lower interest rates than credit cards? If you decide to pay them off with our personal loans, you can save thousands in the long-run on interest rate charges. Damaged credit scores can also be repaired when high credit card balances keep you from improving them.

Unexpected Medical Expenses

While health insurance can help make medical emergency expenses more affordable, it more than likely won’t cover everything. This scenario is even truer if you lack insurance. Instead of running the risk of having to pay you medical bills with the help of a collection agency, a personal loan can help you get peace of mind when you need it most.

The Sky’s the Limit with a VFCU Loan

With the help of our personal loans, you can do more of what you want without the hassles of having to wait or worry about exuberant interest rates. Call or visit our credit union in Brownsville today to ask how our loans can make things easier for you!

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