Why You Should do Business with our Credit Union in Brownsville

3 Reasons Why You Should do Business with Our Credit Union in Brownsville

There are so many banking options nowadays that it’s sometimes difficult to decide what you really need to properly manage your finances. As a member of Valley Federal Credit Union, you’ll never have an issue because you’ll be afforded incredible services with the best customer service in the financial industry. Don’t just take our word for it. Learn about three benefits that credit unions have over banks by reading below!

They Are Member-Owned

Unlike banks, which are owned by shareholders, credit unions are member-owned. This means that each member of VFCU is afforded several perks. We offer different promotions every quarter, such as skip-a-payment month, and member savings for future needs.

Credit unions like VFCU:

  • Are not-for-profit institutions, while banks are.
  • Offer security by being an equal housing lender and are accredited by the NCUASIF.
  • Are required to offer loans up to 18% interest while bank rates are unregulated.

They Offer a Variety of Services

Credit unions focus on member savings and loans while banks focus on accounts and commercial loans. If you’re worried that a credit union doesn’t offer checking or savings accounts, then think again. Credit unions like ours offer many ways to increase savings and offer more loan options than banks.

Compared to banks, our loan options:

It’s a Community

Although credit unions can be nationally-recognized like banks, they are also locally-owned and more member-focused. Our credit unions in Brownsville, Harlingen, and Raymondville are very involved in our communities and are proud to serve our members.

Join Our Credit Union in Brownsville

Get to know some of our members who help maintain VFCU as a community-invested credit union. If what you’ve read so far has you convinced in becoming a member, then contact us or visit one of our locations. We look forward to serving you!

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