Tips That Can Help to Make Your Vehicle Search Easier on Your Finances

2 Tips That Can Help to Make Your Vehicle Search Easier on Your Finances

The holiday season can be a time of many expenses, but this doesn’t mean you should hold off your plans of purchasing a car if you’re in need of one. Depending on the decisions you make while car shopping, you can either end up benefitting or harming your financial well-being. For example, forgetting to research current vehicle rates or not requesting a background check on a used car could spell trouble for you in the future! Our credit union in Harlingen wants you to be fully prepared during your car search.

Know What You Can Afford

Shopping around for cars can be time-consuming without a clear idea of which type of car/brand you want and what your current financial situation is. Before shopping around, write down a list of your vehicle preferences and assess your finances by answering the following:

  • Should I go for a new or used vehicle?
  • How much will I be able to afford per month?
  • Will I need a cosigner?

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Explore Your Financial Options

Did you know that you don’t need financing through a car dealership? You can request to use funding from a third party instead. And the great news about that is that VFCU offers financing for both new and used auto loans!

The easiest way to find a better financial option is to request a purchase order from the dealership. Then you can bring the document to our credit union in Harlingen for review.

We currently offer lending rates as low as:

  • 95% APR for new auto loans for up to 66 months.
  • 25% APR for used auto loans for up to 75 months.

Apply for a Loan Online Today!

VFCU has made it easier than ever to apply for loans online! Access our online application portal to input your information and loan request. Once your application is reviewed, a loan officer will reach out to finalize your application. If you need help with the process or would like info on any of our other services, then contact us today!

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