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3 Perks of Applying for a Consolidation Loan with Our Credit Union in Brownsville!

If overcoming debt is your financial goal this year, then using a consolidation loan is a great option. But picking the right institution to bank with is a crucial step. Credit unions, like banks, offer checking and savings accounts and lending services. However, unlike banks, our credit union provides lower rates with a focus on helping you save. Learn more about the benefits of maintaining your finances with the help of our credit union in Brownsville!

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Credit Unions Offer Great Rates

A great advantage of a consolidation loan with a credit union is that, unlike those offered by regular banks, interest rates are regulated by the government, not banking board members. This means that interest rates are capped at specific rates. For anyone wanting to apply for a consolidation loan, know that:

  • Only a loan officer reviewing your application can determine how much you will pay.
  • You should speak to one of our loan officers before applying if you have bad credit.

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Manage Your Payments Conveniently

VFCU also makes paying off consolidation loans a hassle-free process that allows you to manage your debt easier. For your convenience, we offer the Mobile Money App that enables you to:

  • Make payments and transfers to any of your accounts.
  •  See outstanding balances on each account.

Applying for a Consolidation Loan is Easy!

Instead of waiting hours at a bank to fill out paperwork, you can request a consolidation loan through our online portal. All you have to do is fill out the application online and one of our loan officers will review your information. Then a loan officer will contact you in the following days about your application status.

Become a Member Today

Getting your finances on track may seem complicated, but not if you trust the right banking institution. Become a member of our Brownsville credit union today to take advantage of our many perks!

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