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Protect Your Banking Information While Traveling During the Holidays

If you’re planning on traveling during the holidays, then you may feel safe at any empty airport, but you could be a walking target. You’ll need to be aware of cyber criminals who steal personal and financial information when you log onto public wi-fi networks. Protect your banking and personal information with these tips from our credit union in Brownsville!

Go Wireless with Our Credit Union

We offer a variety of online and mobile banking services that keep you connected while traveling:

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Stay Cyber Secure

Traveling with a family can be a handful. Always make sure your information is secure and inaccessible. Practice these steps while traveling:

  • Ensure you have a passcode to unlock your phone.
  • Leave all electronic devices that you don’t need at home.
  • Back up your electronic files and use stronger passwords.
  • Ensure that your devices have up-to-date anti-virus software.
  • Be vigilant about where you store your devices at hotels, restaurants, or cars.

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Bank Mindfully Online

Spots like coffee shops may come with convenient, free wi-fi access, but cyber criminals can access your information through the network without you realizing it. Be sure to:

  • Avoid making online purchases on public wi-fi networks.
  • Change your passwords or PINs before traveling internationally.
  • Shut off your phone’s auto-join function for public wi-fi networks.
  • Update your security software and change your passwords when you return home.

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