Make the Most of Your Income Tax Return at Our Credit Union in Harlingen

Make the Most of Your Income Tax Return at Our Credit Union in Harlingen

Income tax season is here, and that means, hopefully, you’ll receive a nice tax return! What you do with this can be your major financial improvement of the year. Many people usually spend their returns on luxuries like vehicles, the latest in technology, or a vacation. However, our credit union in Harlingen encourages you to consider using yours in other ways. Check them out below!

Use it for Loans and Bills

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the first step to handling debt or credit is to create an assessment list of your budget. It should include your fixed expenses such as car loans, mortgage loans, and groceries. Your income tax return can also help you make payments on a loan and outstanding debts. Consider this to ease your future financial burdens. 

Open a Savings Account

Open a Savings Account

You can also save your income tax return. By opening a savings account at our credit union in Harlingen, you’ll have:

  • Emergency funds to cover unexpected expenses like medical bills and vehicle and home maintenance.
  • A savings account for your child to practice money management early.
  • A rainy-day fund for luxuries like going to the movies, shopping, or eating out.

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Invest Your Income Tax Return

Investing your income tax return is a sure-fire way to grow your finances without any additional hassle. We offer IRAs (individual retirement accounts) that improve your future financial security and money market accounts that earn interest over a longer-term and are used to make big purchases.

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