Achieve Financial Success by Consolidating at our Brownsville Credit Union - VFCU

Achieve Financial Success by Consolidating at our Brownsville Credit Union

Did you accrue plenty of debt last year? Many loan providers and creditors are being lenient with how long it takes to repay all your debt. However, this could be the year you become debt-free! With some budgeting, planning, and using a consolidation loan, you can strive to be financially stable. Learn more about consolidation loans and how we can help you manage your money.

Succeed with Consolidation Loans

Succeed with Consolidation Loans

Consolidation loans help anyone who has trouble making payments on multiple loans due to unfixed interest rates. Unlike other banks in Brownsville, our valley federal credit union currently offers consolidation loans for up to 60 months for as low as 8.25%.

Before you apply online, please know:

  • No minimum amount is required to pay.
  • You must show proof of income statement during the loan approval process.
  • You must show statements of accounts consolidating during the loan approval process.

Once you have applied, a loan officer will review your application and reach out via phone, email, etc. Although our lobbies are open, you can also use our full-service drive-thrus.

Manage with Mobile Banking

Manage with Mobile Banking

Once you are approved for your consolidation loan, the next step is to track where your money is going as you use it. 

At VFCU you can:

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Looking for a Brownsville credit union? For any questions about our services please contact us online or call (956) 546-3108. For your safety, masks are still required in each lobby. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for information and news.

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