Protect Your Personal Information with Our Brownsville Credit Union

3 Steps to Protecting Your Personal Information with Our Brownsville Credit Union

In a previous blog, we discussed online financial scams prominent during the pandemic. Due to so many people shopping online now more than ever, these scams have increased in number. These scammers made a habit of stealing information like credit scores, social security numbers, credit card data, and more. Valley Federal Credit Union in Brownsville would like to offer some tips and services that you can use to stay safe.

Be Aware of Internet Fraud

Be Aware of Internet Fraud

According to the FBI, internet fraud includes:

  • Malware that involves pop-ups to solicit funds.
  • E-mail account compromises that request payments to fraudulent businesses or locations.
  • Phishing scams involving e-mails requesting private passwords and bank account information from what appear to be genuine businesses and websites.

Shop Safely Online

Shop Safely Online

Shopping online requires some safety, too. Protect your data by following the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) tips:

  • Only shop from reputable vendors.
  • Avoid clicking links from unsolicited e-mails.
  • Avoid staying logged into your financial accounts when not using them. 
  • Ensure website addresses begin with “https:” instead of “http:”
  • Ensure that online vendors have genuine contact information. 

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Lastly, check your account often for any strange transactions and contact our local credit union immediately.

With our app, you can:

  • Transfer money safely
  • Use Apple Pay and Bill Pay
  • Make mobile check deposits
  • Track your expenses

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