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Afford College Expenses With Our Personal Loan in Harlingen

Debating whether or not to go back to school can be a tough decision. However, our VFCU personal loans Harlingen rates are affordable. Having a job is sufficient enough, but it probably won’t cover everything. However, if you have no idea how to pay for school, then investing in a personal loan could be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

We are also currently offering up to $10,000 for 36 months with rates as low as 8.6% APR.

Our Personal Loans 

Compared to other banks, VFCU’s personal loan Harlingen rates are affordable and easy to apply. Submit your application online! Most Harlingen banks ask you to meet a list of criteria just to apply for a loan. With our Harlingen credit union, personal loans are not complicated. 

Additional current lending rates include:

Up to 48 months as low as 11.20% APR.

Up to 60 months as low as 12.20% APR.

Our personal loans are a great way to finance back-to-school costs such as:

  • Course tuition and books.
  • Apartment and dorm living.
  • Groceries and doctor visits.

Approved Loan application for VFCU's personal loans Harlingen rates.

Choose Personal Loans Harlingen 

With careful planning, student debt is well worth it if you want to pursue that degree. VFCU provides:

  • Competitive loan rates.
  • A live call center to answer any or all of your questions. 
  • Personalized assistance for checking and saving accounts.
  • Signature loan applications without being a member. Apply online. 

Why Choose Personal Loans?

Our VFCU personal loans Harlingen rates are cost-effective, and more convenient than Harlingen banks. Here is what you need to remember:

  • Harlingen banks prefer to offer unfixed rates, but VFCU only offers fixed rates. 
  • VFCU also offers to give you updates on your loan with just a call or click away. 
  • With VFCU you can make easy payments to your loan by setting up direct deposit or sending payments online. Download our Mobile Banking App today!

Ready for Back to School

Contact us to learn more about our personal loans Harlingen rates. Be prepared for this school semester by applying for a loan, it’s quick, easy, and affordable. Most students pay off student loans in the long term, but VFCU can make things easier with financing now. Your career and education are always beneficial for your future, so why not invest in your day to day needs by getting a loan with our local federal credit union.

*Rates are subject to change without notice

**Certain Restrictions Apply. For more information visit our main office or our Harlingen branch.

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