3 Services Our Local Federal Credit Union Offers for the Holidays

3 Services to Prepare for the Holidays with Our Local Federal Credit Union

With the holiday season around the corner, you don’t need to be overwhelmed about your finances with our local federal credit union. Some financial preparations are necessary for the upcoming seasonal occasions. This can include anything from remodeling, decorations, affording presents, furniture, or even just paying bills. Whatever your financial situation is, VFCU offers services that help you with your 

Our Local Federal Credit Union

Valley Federal Credit Union (VFCU) is all about helping the community, which is why we’ve providing for customers for over 85 years. VFCU has offered many banking services and provided customers with financial convenience.

Loan Benefits with VFCU

Getting a loan with VFCU can very well be an investment worthwhile, thanks to our fast and accessible loans! VFCU has alternate ways of providing fast and accessible services for VFCU customers.

Loyalty Loans

VFCU offers loyalty loans up to $1,500. With no credit check, you can receive your money fast and quickly with VFCU!

Check out VFCU’s loyalty rates here!

Personal Loans

VFCU offers competitive rates on signature loans and is an excellent alternative for family emergencies, holidays, vacations, and home equities. 100% of financing is an available option, and the loan amount is based on your income and credit!

Check out VFCU’s loans here!

Preparing for the Holidays

VFCU understands how much financial planning can be when preparing for the holidays or renovating your home. VFCU is dedicated to providing everything you need to ensure your finances are well taken care of. Tell VFCU about your home plans and have VFCU handle your finances today!

Use Mobile Banking 

Although preparing for the seasons is stressful, thanks to VFCU, you can receive many membership benefits when you sign up to become a member! Membership benefits include:

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